Advantages of Wall Container Gardening

Growing the gardens vertically is just using the vertical space for growing flowers, herbs or even root crops. For this purpose you can use containers and hang these on the sunny walls. You can see that in a traditional garden there are certain climbing plants like beans and squashes that are grown vertically but in wall container gardening it provides opportunities to grow non climbing plants on your walls. Vertical gardens are easier to maintain and easier to harvest as well as cover less space as compare to traditional gardens. Following are some main advantages of wall container gardening.

  • By growing the garden vertically, you will have the opportunity to maximize your limited space. You can easily increase growing space, particularly if you are growing in small area.
  • Your wall container gardening can help you in protecting your home`s exterior from harsh weather effects and ultraviolet rays. And if there are too much rain in your area then this type of garden can help in protecting your wall paint.
  • When you plant a garden on outside of your window, it will not only provide shade to your room from strong sunlight but it will also create a lovely view.
  • Mostly people use this wall container gardening to hide some unsightly objects like cans, garbage or in some cases electric meter from the outside public.
  • Planting a vertical garden inside your home will be an attractive option. It can not only improve air quality but also act as home décor.
  • You can also make a privacy screen by planting a garden on wheel. For this you need a wheeled cart which can also be moved from one place to another.

So these are few advantages of wall container gardening. So if you have less space this type of gardening is suitable option for you. Good luck!