Are you thinking of building a dog house for your dog? If yes then there are certain things that you need to consider before starting the construction. It is not a very difficult project builds a DIY dog house but you still need to work it professionally. One thing that you need to know is what type of dog house you need to build, are you looking to build a A-shape frame or are you looking to construct a custom slanted roof style.

Other than this the selection of your DIY dog house design also depends upon whether you are constructing it inside or outside your home. If it is outside your building then you must also have to consider the weather conditions. You need to protect your dog from extreme summers and winters. For this you need to construct a dog house with such material that can provide him comfort during extreme weather conditions.

Another important thing is that before you start actual construction of your DIY dog house, you need to measure your dog. This helps you in finding the measurements for the construction of dog house. It is important because the dog house should be such place where your fury friend can relax during extreme weathers. If it is too small for him, then he may not feel relaxed and enjoy as he wants.

The roof of your DIY dog house should be slanted so that it can help the water flowing down quickly. This can also help in making a good shade and the biggest of all is that it is easy to construct when you are constructing it on your own. When you are done with construction of your dog house you need to properly paint it. Make sure that you use weatherproof stain or paint.