If you have visited your local pet store to buy a cat tree, you may have noticed that they are all selling old style cat tree that are made of cheap carpet without much of comfort. The color and design of carpets are also not very much attractive. Further the prices of these cat trees are also very much expensive compare to the product they are offering. So in case you are bored of these cat trees, you can make beautiful DIY cat tree on your own.

Traditional Style

If you like cat trees in traditional style, that`s okay! One thing that you need to consider is that you are not required to spend a lot of money on it. You can follow the simple pattern and can get the

Perching Cat

Perching DIY cat tree is also a good idea to be made at home. This is extremely easy to make and your cats will surely love it too.

Bookish Cat

If you have some empty bookcases available with you which you are thinking of throwing away because you think that these are of no use then wait a moment! You can use these bookcases to make a beautiful cat play structure. The only thing you need to make sure is to put the bookshelf to the wall.

Drawer Kitty

DIY cat tree made up with the help of old dresser drawers is one thing that your cat will surely love. It is easy to make and will specially look really good if you place it in your bedroom or library.

Cylinder Cat

If you have a cat that loves places where she can hide then you can make cylinder DIY cat tree for her. The good thing about this is that you can make it as large as you want by adding the cylinders. You can cover these cylinders with beautiful carpets and other things like ropes, artificial grass etc.