Summers are just around the corner and you may be thinking of spending most of your time in your garden rather than sitting in. For this you must need to decorate and illuminate your garden. There are some perfect ideas and techniques through which you will be able to lighten up your garden, patio or backyard without much difficulty. You can easily able to understand and implement these DIY outdoor light ideas to perfection.

If you have an outdated chandelier available with you, then you can give it a new life by spraying a new paint in any color as you like. Further you can hang it in your porch and out LED candles or wick in electrical sockets. It will give a perfect look to your outside lighting.

Another option for DIY outdoor light is to use your old pot rack which you thought of throwing away as it is of no use for you. You just need to work a little bit on your rack and will surely come up with some extra ordinary lighting solution. You can place the candles and plants in the pots as it will give a complete different look. Further you can also hang lanterns on the pot rack by using the hooks.

You may have many wine bottles lying empty at your house, if this is so, then these bottles can be perfect for making DIY outdoor lights. When you are using these bottles for lighting then you can also add little fuel to it which will be helpful in repelling mosquitoes.

So these are few quick and cheap solutions for DIY outdoor lights that can be easily made up by using the old material available at your home. This way you will be able to make your garden look beautiful at night without going out of budget. Good luck!