Easy DIY toy Storage Solution

Living at a small apartment has its own advantages and disadvantages. It can help your family bonding and also keeping the maintenance and cleaning task to the minimum level. But when it comes to storage options they are not so good. Especially if you are having two or three small kids and they love to play with toys, then you must feel the difficulty in managing their toys all day. You may not find an easy place to store these toys. So have you ever thought of some DIY toy storage solution? If not then you should think about it as it can really help you a great deal in storing your kid`s toys without claiming extra space.

Furniture storage

You may have come across some attractive furniture options which can not only serve you as furniture but also acts as storage facility. Benches or ottomans that open up can serve the purpose well. You can hide your kid`s toy in a coffee table that comes with drawers.

Woven Toy`s Basket

If space is not available for tucking things away, then the best option that remains with you is to go for a stylish woven toy`s basket. You can use this basket for placing all the loose toys. A smaller basket can easily be tucked behind the furniture or in any corner of your room.

Plastic Tubs

Another option available as DIY toy storage solution is to go to your local dollar store and buy some plastic tubs of uniform size. You can label each tub and keep your kids toys in there. These tubs can easily be placed at a side of your wall or under closet.

These are only few options regarding DIY toy storage Solution among many. You can exercise any of these depending on your ease and requirement.