How Can We Reuse Old Windows?

If you are renovating your house and replacing different items like doors and windows or any other stuff, don`t throw everything away. Some of those can be repurposed in such a beautiful way that you haven`t thought off. Especially if you are replacing the old windows, then don`t throw the old ones, as there are many reuses of old windows and they can be turned into some beautiful decoration items. Now you may think that what are few ideas to reuse old windows?

Make Headboard

If you want to make a headboard then these old windows can be a great option. You can use as many windows as you want to, to give a great look.

Windows corkboard

Are you a regular wine drinker if yes then this design is for you. You can collect the corks from wine bottles and decorate these in the window. This is a beautiful decoration idea and a good reuse of old window.

Window as space divider

If you have a large open space or a big hall and you want to create little secrecy or divide the space, you can do it with the help of an old window. Reuse old window to divide the space and give a different look.

Use window in fence design

If you are having an old window available, then you can use it into your garden fence. This will not only give it a beautiful look but also make it different from normal fence.

Cabinet Door

You can reuse old window as a cabinet door. It will look amazing if you use it for a DIY cabinet design as it gives a unique look to your cabinet.

These are just few of the many uses of old windows. You can also come up with something different depending upon your choice and requirements.