You may have thought that an empty toilet paper roll is of no use other than throwing it into the trash. This is not correct. It can be used for many different purposes only if think little differently. You can reuse toilet paper roll to make many crafts and organize different things. Following are some of the easy and clever ideas you can try with empty toilet paper roll.

Desk Organizer

When you are working in an office then you may also be suffering the problem of organizing your desk. Your office supplies, pens and pencils that are taking over your desk can be organized by reusing empty toilet paper roll. You just have to spray paint the roll and use it in your office.

Wrapping Paper Storage

Holiday season has arrived and you are now looking to wrap gifts for your friends and family members. So why don`t you reuse toilet paper roll as storage for your wrapping paper. By doing so you will be able to keep wrapping sheets neat and tidy till you have to use these again.

Fire Starters

If you are planning to do camping this summer then these toilet paper rolls can perfectly serve you as fire starters. You can fill these with dryer lint or newspaper and then wrap the tape at the ends for faux log which will help in fire burning.

Scarf Organizers

You may also experience the difficulty in organizing the scarves properly. You cannot fold or hang these in any organized manner. This difficulty can be solved with by reuse toilet paper roll. For this you have to place the empty toilet paper rolls in your dresser drawer and roll the scarves to fit in.

So next time when your toilet paper ends, don`t throw the empty roll away.