Are you a person who loves to create new things, if yes then DIY 3d paper butterflies can be a good idea for you to execute. These butterflies are very much versatile so give an amazing feeling to you. To make these butterflies you need following essential items:

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • 3d Paper
  • String

The important thing for you is to find beautiful/colorful 3d paper for making these beautiful butterflies. You can choose as many different papers as you want. The most beautiful among all the 3d papers should be used for butterfly wings. To make DIY 3d paper butterfly wings you need to fold the paper twice and then cutting it in triangle shape. Now open this diamond shaped clipping.

Now you need to make a fan, for which you can start from inside and make your way out. To keep the fold together, you should use glue inside every fold. It will not take too much time to get dry. Once it gets dry the wings need to is bit opened. Similarly you should make the other wing of your DIY 3d Paper butterfly. Now you must glue the wings together and spread them as open as you want.

This is a very cool idea that can also serve as a beautiful decoration. You can hang these on walls or place inside the shadow box to give a different look. You can also use these butterflies on the homemade invitation cards, or can also hanged in your window or you can also make a kitty toy using these beautiful DIY 3d paper butterflies. There are endless options that you can exercise with these beautiful butterflies to make the interior of your home look cool and decorative and that too without much pain.