How to make DIY Jar Labels with the help of Paper and Packing Tape

Are you done with your schools and you are enjoying your summer vacations? Why don`t you use your summer vacations for some easy yet creative projects that can not only help you in learning new things but also make a good addition to your home collections. There are many different projects that you can do it on your own. Making your own jar labels is one of them. It is quite exciting thing to do. You can make DIY jar labels for different jars where you can preserve as many different things as you want. The material you need for making these jar labels is as follows:

  • Jars
  • Heavy duty packing tape
  • Computer
  • Color Printer
  • Printer paper

When you arrange all the above mentioned materials, then you should start by making a textbox using your computer and then type any words that you want for the label on jar. Once you are done with this, then print the textbox using color printer. If you want to make the label colorful you can also add colors to the background of your textbox. When you are making DIY jar labels you should keep in the mind the width of tape as well as the size of your jar.

Once you are done with printing the DIY jar label, then cut the clear packing tape according to the size of jar label and press it on to the printed image. Now place the label in a bowl of warm water by keeping its glossy side down and paper facing up. Let it soak there for 2 minutes and then start rubbing the paper away using your fingers. Now put the tape to a flat surface and wait until it gets dry. It will regain the stickiness on being dried and ready to be applied on your jar.