How to make Homemade Candles

Candle making is not a new phenomenon; it is there for many centuries. You may have tried your luck at making candles during your school days. If this is so then you also know the charm and feel that you get by making your own candles. But now if you are looking to make some homemade candles project, then you must know the importance of learning candle safety while making and using these. Once you know the importance of safety and make the necessary preparations, then you can start collecting the required tools and ingredients for making candles.

First of all you are required to find a heat source, like you can use an electric stove or a hot plate to melt the wax. You will also require a double boiler set up. You can make this with the help of a large low pot in which you can boil water and by placing a coffee pot inside so that wax can be melted. If you are looking to take on a regular and more sophisticated formal wax melting pot, you can purchase it from any nearby crafts store.

Once your setup is ready to melt the wax, you need to select the kind of wax you need to make homemade candles. Further you should also select the wick very carefully, because sometimes wicks do not burn sufficient hot to melt the type of wax you have selected. To make some good homemade candles you will also require having a right container or mold, where you can store the melted wax. You can also add color and fragrance to your candle if desired.

Once you are done with making one candle you can take it as a craft project to make many more and can gift to your friends and family members on different events and parties.