Are you confused about the selection of gift for your girlfriend? If this is so, and you are really not having any idea about what can be a best gift for her, then do try DIY gift for girlfriend. Your DIY effort will surely make her feel lot more special. There are many different choices that you can exercise to make a beautiful gift; some of those are mentioned below.

DIY Wire Heart

One of the easiest and beautiful options available to you is to make an easy wire heart. You can make a small heart at start that you can easily slip into her hand while a walking on the road. You can make a bigger one to present her when you both are together for a lunch or dinner.

DIY Couple Shirts

Making a DIY gift for girlfriend for her birthday, or anniversary or valentine`s day becomes much easier with the DIY couple shirts. This is an idea that can be executed very easily and it will surely make a good feel too. You just need to take two T-shirts and start painting a heart. You need to paint the heart in such a way that when you two stand together it can align easily and give a perfect look. One thing you need to be careful is to pick the right size T-shirts before starting painting.

DIY Photo Coasters

Is your girlfriend a photographer or if she is passionate about Instagram? If this is so, then a DIY photo coaster can be a great gift for her. You just need to go to her account and print some of the pictures that she has posted online and then attach a story to each picture or the moment you share this makes a beautiful DIY gift for girlfriend which she surely love.