You must have seen many beautiful bookshelves’s and may have thought that it took too much time to create some amazing bookshelves. This may be correct in some cases but in few cases you don`t require anything extra ordinary to create some unique bookshelf. If you are a bookworm and looking to make a DIY bookshelf then following are easy ideas to make on your own.

Wood Pallet Bookshelf

This is an easy to make bookshelf because for this you only need to use simple pallet. This is a quick wonderful idea as you can simply make it even when your children are at their school. They will surely be pleasantly surprised when they came back.

A-Frame Bookshelf

Have you ever thought that how can you use old ladder to work again? If you don`t come up with any idea then why don`t you go for DIY bookshelf made of your old ladder. This is a traditional looking bookshelf that can still make your guests feel great about your artistic instinct.

Industrial Pipes

Industrial pipes can also make a great bookshelf. It is also an easy to do activity, as you can find these pipes easily can be used as per your requirements.

Bookshelf with Crate

Another option for DIY bookshelf is to make one with the help of crates. If you have excessive crates available with you and you do not know what to do with these then the best thing is to make a bookshelf with them. It will give a different look to your home décor. The only thing that you have to decide is to choose the color that you want these crates to be.

These are few simple and easy ideas for DIY bookshelf that you can carry on your own.