Some Easy DIY Marbled Crafts

If you are looking to add some new decoration items to your home, then do consider marbled crafts. To give an elegant and aesthetic look to your home décor you have can use marble. On the other hand you may have thought that it is also an extremely expensive option, but still you can manage the marble patterns on your own. Following are DIY ways in which you can include marble to your lifestyle by making marble patterns on different kind of materials.

Water Marbled Pots

You just have to take a normal water pot made of solid clay. Now try to do some water marbling the surface. This will give a marbled look to your normal clay pot.

Marbled Clipboard

You must have a clip board in your office where you take daily routine notes. If this is so and you like to incorporate marble into your daily work, you can easily do it with your clipboard. You can create marbled surface on clipboard easily.

Marbled Paperweight

If you are having a normal paperweight in your office, then you can convert it into a marbled craft which will look much better. This will not only beautiful but also show your taste and love for marbled crafts.

Marbled frame wall art

Have you ever thought that you can give marble look to an ordinary white paper, if you haven`t then think about it. It will actually look great and can act as a gorgeous wall décor. When you are done with converting the simple paper into a marbled craft, then place it in a golden frame and hang it onto the wall.

These above mentioned ideas of converting simple things into marbled crafts are very much workable and easy to do it on your own. So take some time out and try your luck on making one.